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pacREV 2023

Edited by Giovan Michael

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or over 40 years, the one and only pacificREVIEW: A West Coast Arts Review Annual has published emerging and established writers of poetry, fiction, and prose. Now, for the first time in the storied life of this small yet mighty publication, our ever-evolving journal has turned its eye to the world of graphic narrative, highlighting over 30 artists telling moving and important stories through comics, collage, graphic poetry, and more. This beautiful edition is an explosion of color, emotion, art, and political dissent. It is loud, irreverent, and patiently waiting to be experienced by you. Amatl Comix is so high on this special issue that in an unprecedented collaboration, pacREV and Amatl Comix have colluded to make this journal issue a regular book in our growing catalog of texts. Our thanks to Gio Michael for making this co-op project a reality

Contributors to Amatl Comix #6 include Norma Sadler, Adele Gaburo, Helena Westera, Rema Shbaita, Abigail Bitter, Marie Sosa, Patrick McEvoy, Mariana Tapia, Breanna “Nana” Rohde, Paola Ramirez, Emily Teaze,, Ashley Lavisesdeh, Mariana Tapia, Neil Kendricks, Annie Rue, Adele Gaburo, Dylan Wells, Robert Lang, Bradley Medina, Cassandra Jordan, Andrew Smith, Christopher Reynoso, Rafael Flores, Alexa Ariizumi, Sinai Wright, Tatiana Bohorquez, Lucky Dasari, Amy Burton, Kyra Williams, Paloma Burner, Yao Xiao, Jacquelin Molina Guillen, Kirstin Curtis, Annie Rue, Nayeli Nova Fernandez, and Iris Quiroga.

Some random snapshots from this gorgeous, full color, comix collection:


by José Alaniz!
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The Compleat Moscow Calling 

José Alaniz

Paperback – February 24, 2023


“Both wonderful and wonderfully demented. Also makes me strangely nostalgic.”

Gary Shteyngart, author of The Russian Debutante's Handbook and Absurdistan

Now, from Amatl Comix! THE COMPLEAT MOSCOW CALLING, a lost 90s epic of expat life in Russia! Innocent abroad Pepe Pérez finds himself in a vibrant post-Soviet Moscow of colorful personalities, extreme contrasts, and a “mafiya” boss after his head. Worst of all, there's no Mexican food! José Alaniz's “Moscow Calling,” the first ongoing American comic strip in Russia, appeared in the English-language newspaper “The Moscow Tribune” not long after the wall fell. This collection gathers and concludes the strip along with additional material, including the unfinished sequel “Cassie's Turn” and the novella “Moscow 93.” Step back into a pre-Putin Russia of startling beauty and danger!

Advance Notices!

"The Compleat Moscow Calling makes for quite the culture shock with its tale of a Mexican-American's adventures in pre- Putin Russia. Remarkable, multilingual- a sequential arts achievement!"

Hector Rodriguez, creator of El Peso Hero

"Treat yourself to José Alaniz's idiosyncratic comics created in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. With a journalist's eye and a cartoonist's wit, he spins grand tales that interweave a talking bat and a motorcycle-riding Baba Yaga amongst his many other characters. Taking inspiration from such divergent sources as Dostoevsky, The Clash and Sal Buscema, Alaniz adroitly mixes fact and fantasy to serve up an entertaining visual Molotov cocktail. Heed the call!" 

Javier Hernandez, creator of the El Muerto graphic novel series

"As scrappily independent as the newspaper in which they first appeared, the strips in José Alaniz's The Compleat Moscow Calling echo with a visual language all their own: Nadsat by way of South Texas. They capture an ex-pat glasnostalgia for a far-from- innocent Russia that is long, long gone."

Álvaro Rodriguez, Machete

Black Representation in
the World of Animation

"While mesmerized by ink-lined cells shaking to their own rhythm and beat, Darius Gainer has written a long overdue text chronicling an obscure field that is, as all aspects of Black history are, joyously and quintessentially American."

Tim Fielder
author of INFINITUM: An Afrofuturist Tale

“Gainer's work is painfully necessary and brilliantly articulated. With the proliferation of animated images representing people of color, a text of this nature is vital and Gainer rises to the task.”

John Jennings  Professor of Media & Cultural Studies at UC Riverside & Eisner Award Winning Genius!


by Darius S. Gainer!

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Our first title! MORE THAN MONEY, A Memoir by Claudia Dominguez

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Our 2nd title, Amatl Comix #2, a re-issue of our Hyperbole Books title!
Latinx Comic Book Storytelling: Odyssey by Interview by Frederick Luis Aldama


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Read the Foreword to THE PHANTOM ZONE by Álvaro Rodriguez,
co-screenwriter with Robert Rodriguez, of Machete--click to enlarge!

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